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Microfianance - NABFIN (NABARD FInancial Services Ltd) 

The primary focus of CARMDAKSH is to empower the women in its intervention area. This it has done through formation of Self Help groups of women.. These SHGs were later linked with financial institutions to meet their credit needs. The members have approached the Banks and dealt with the processes on their own.

The SHGs have been brought together under a federation. The idea has been to enable the SHGs to deal with issues and problems they consider important. The federation has taken up the issue of midday meal, alcoholism, nominating women to contest panchayat election and pointing out the problems in the functioning of the PDS

Since availability of timely credit is one of the prime requirement for small and marginal family. CARMDAKSH promote linkage of these SHG\92s to local bank\92s to meet their Credit requirements.

Recently we have completed one SHPI program of 50 SHGs in kota block of Bilaspur District with support from NABARD. Further NABARD had sanction 300 SHG\92s in same region to continue our intervention.

One of our SHG member Ms.RamotinBaiGond of Village Bachalikhurd had raise voice against the use of liquor openly in the village. She along with other SHG members in the village came out to ban the consumption of liquor in the village in any occasion. She had been recognised for her best work by Delhi Dare Devils Cricket team in Raipur in program of ONE DARE DAVIL TO ANOTHER ,organised by IDEA Cellular.

Kishan Club
Active farmer were mobilise in the village to form Kishan Club to built linkages between farmers and service providers. In this regard CARMDAKSH form 65 Kishan Club. Kishan Club play major role in the promotion of SRI in the villages.

Area No of SHG Cluster Federation
Kota 102 7 1
Pali 260 12 0
Pushore 54 2 0
Gorellra 21 0 0
Podiuproda 4 0 0
  441 21 1
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