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Systematic Root Intensification

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in the regions where CARMDAKSH works. With current low levels of productivity and subsistence agriculture, CARMDAKSH extends assistance in finding opportunities to enhance livelihoods. CARMDAKSH major livelihood programmes are focused on agriculture, its improvement \96 and the overall management of natural resources \96 remains key in the battle against endemic poverty in the rural areas.

In this direction CARMDAKSH had promoted Systematic Root of intensification in Paddy with small and marginal to address the issue of food security. CARMDAKSH demonstrated first SRI in kharif 2007 in village Bachalikhurd in kota block of Bilaspur district. This initiative was supported by NABARD under Rural Innovation Fund (RIF)

CARMDAKSH share the concept of SRI with Saraswati SHG, in Bachalikhurd (consist of 11 women members). One of the members of SHG SmtRamkali agreed to take demonstration of SRI with 5% model. There was lot of pressure from her family to drop the idea but she resists the pressure. She prepared 5% model on his plot of 0.75 decimel and took up SRI. The average increase in production is about 16-20 Qt per acre as compare to 8-10 Qt per acre previously.

Atpresent CARMDAKSH is working with 3400 farmers with SRI in 63 Village and in last 5 years CARMDAKSH is able to cover3 villages completely under SRI. SDTT is supporting for SRI in 20 villages in kota block of bilaspur district.

WADI ( Horticulture crops) CARMDAKSH is Promoting WADI program for tribal families with support of NABARD. A wadi of 1 acre of land per family with 2-3 horticultural crops is being promoted. This is to increase the income of the family through fallow or uncultivated land. CARMDAKSH is implementing WADI program in Pali Block of Korba district under Tribal Development Fund supported by NABARD.

"Climate Proofing of Watershed Development Projects
CARMDAKSH is working in Climate Proofing Watershed project with support of NABARD. The overall objective of this program is to improve climate resilience and build adaptive capacities of the communities to climate change in the rain-fed areas. Intervention include conservation of soil and water, create awareness about natural farming, conservation and promotion of traditional varieties to build resilience towards climate change."

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