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Water Sanitation and Hygiene
CARMDAKSH being working in this region since Oct 2003, during its intervention it felt that water and sanitation is one of the important issue which need to be addressed. 60% of the diseases in rural area is water borne and status of water and sanitation in rural area is very poor. In our SHGs it is observed that 40% of loan taken from the SHG is for health purpose.

In this regard CARMDAKSH started its intervention in water sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)with support of wateraidto demonstrate different models to address the issues of WASH sector. Other focus in the program is Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) for women and adolescent girls.

Different models

Menstrual Hygiene Management
CARDAKSH Conduct different type of training\92s and orientation\92s program for different stake holder like adolescents girl\92s, women\92s, boy\92s, Male members, Panchayat representative, Mitanin , aaganwadi worker etc. to strengthen Menstrual Hygiene and Management.

ECO SAN Toilet
CARMDAKSH with support of Wateraiddemonstrated its first Eco san toilet in the Dhodipara Hamlet of Batra village inPali block ofkorba district in 2008, till date CARMDAKSH had implemented24 eco san toilet in dhodipara and demonstrate 3 eco san toilet in other villages like Nagoi and Sailanavapra. From the first unit implemented in 2008, CARMDAKSH had redesigned its model and reduce the cost of eco san toilet. Contribution from community and using the local material along with the new design had finally reduced the cost of the structure.

Community Based Water supply scheme.

CARMDAKSH Establish community Based Mini Pipe Water supply scheme in village NagoiinPali block of korba district. This Pipe water Supply scheme covers 62 house hold with individual tap connection and provides water two times a day for an hour. The scheme is operated and maintained by users committee of water supply scheme.

Protection dug well with establishment of Hand pump
Some of the handpumps and bore wells in the villages / hamlets is contaminated by Iron. In some of these cases villagers discard the use of those handpumps and use dugwell or streams (locally known as dhondi). It is observed that water available in these dugwells/dhondi throughout the year. So considering the situation we plan to protect these kinds of dugwells from contamination and provide safe water to the community. In this regard we had protected the source and install handpump on it to avoid contamination of water. Some of the villages inPali block is water is effected by iron, which is more in Hand pump and bore well whereas dug well is not much contaminated with Iron. Some of the areashad traditional water bodies (dug well or Dhodi) which provide water throughout the year whereas Hand pump installed get dried up in summer, In those areascarmdaksh protect these kind of dug wells and establish handpump over thedug well so that community can access the qualitative and safe water throughout the year.

Restoration school sanitation block with establishment of Force lift pump and inclinators

School sanitation and Hygiene is closely related to attendance of school going children's especially girls. For improving the sanitation and providing healthy environment in the schools CARMDAKSH focus to renovate school sanitary block with water supply and installation of incinators so that girls student can easily access and feel comfortable during the menstrual cycle.

Established community resource centre.
For the strengthening water sanitation and hygiene in Pali block of Korba district, CARMDAKSH with support of wateraid(charity water) establish a community water sanitation resource centre in Pali. Under this resource centrecarmdaksh trained a group of youths from different villages on Handpump restoration, water quality testing (basically drinking water) and masonswork so that they can provide their skill which will be readily available at block level.

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